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Boat Wiring Made in the USA

Boat Wiring Quality is Important

What is marine wire and why do I need to use it on my boat?

When it comes to boat wiring there's no need to be cheap and skimp on the quality.
While many wires and cables appear similiar at first look, there are many differences in the environment surrounding marine and boat specific installations requiring that the wiring outperform it's counterparts, that were designed primarilly for use on dry land.

What are the some of the advantages to using Marine Wiring?

In the world of boat wiring there are many opinions on what is acceptable but there are only a few very specific facts to consider when deciding on the correct wiring to use.  All marine wires that have been investigated by UL will meet the requirements of UL1426, the numerical standard referenced in the reference standard for boat cable.
Boat wiring meeting UL1426 approval are noted in the printed legend of the wire as required by UL,  and printed every foot on the side of the cable jacket.

UL1426 approved wire will have any one of the following printed on the jacket:

  • UL1426
  • Boat Cable
  • BC5-W2 (which is a temperature rating of boat cable specific to UL1426)

UL listed wire and cable will have an E-File number on the print legend that can be checked against the UL database showing the company's registaration on file with UL.

Ideal boat wiring characteristics include all of the following:

  • The conductor will be flexibly stranded copper to absorb vibration and increase performance
  • The stranded copper conductor will preferably have electroplated tin applied to the strands making the copper greatly resistant corrosion. It avoids that black or green build-up you see on non-tinned cables
  • The insulation and/or jacketing of the wire will have been tested by UL to a flamability standard for safety
  • The insulation and/or jacket is rated water resistant

What boating code calls for what wire installation?

The two main authors of widely accepted and industry approved marine electrical wiring methods are the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) and the United States Coast Guard (USCG).
The USCG's standards are available to the public at no cost online and the ABYC standards are available for purchase at the ABYC website. Manufacturer producing UL Boat Cable are familiar with these codes and requirements and the UL 1426 wiring will meet or exceed these requirements.

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